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Avrom Yanovsky Winnipeg Exhibit

In 2005 the first exhibit of the Avrom Yanovsky political cartoons, curated by Dr. Anna Hudson, Associate Professor, Department of Visual Art & Art History, Faculty of Fine Arts, York University was professionally framed by the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) and mounted at the Zacks Art Gallery of  York University in Toronto. It was called “Free Discussion is the Key to Peace: The Political Cartoons of Avrom Yanovsky.”  The exhibit was received with excellent reviews, and many people who knew Avrom during his lifetime and had worked with him were interviewed for a video that Yanovksy’s grandson made for the occasion. They spoke very highly and with great regard for Avrom, his beliefs, and his work.

In 2006, a second exhibit of the Yanovksy cartoons was  displayed as  part of the Askhkenaz festival in  Harbourfront.

In 2010 Dr. Hudson curated a third exhibit at the Varley Gallery in Unionville Ontario, in which Avrom’s Spanish Civil War mural featuring his depiction of Dr. Norman Bethune was displayed along with the cartoons.  Anna Yanovksy and Dr. Ester Reiter spoke at the opening of the exhibit. This exhibit continued from June 2010 to September 2010 and received rave reviews and many accolades from visitors.

As ten of the original cartoons were incompletely copied, Toronto  UJPO member Sol Blaser arranged with Anna Yanovsky, Avrom’s widow, and Anna Hudson, to rephotograph the partial reproductions, and produce and frame copies of all the original exhibit at the Varley Gallery.

Sixty-four cartoons were printed and framed. Three sets were prepared for display at the Vancouver, Winnipeg and Hamilton sections of the United Jewish People’s Order .

The completed exhibit was shown at an annual meeting of the United Jewish People’s Order in Toronto. The Vancouver section of the UJPO mounted the exhibit in November, 2014.

As a stop of the Avrom Yanovsky Cross Canada Heritage Art Exhibit, the Winnipeg section of UJPO will co-sponsor the Yanovsky exhibit with the Jewish Heritage Centre, opening on September 17,   at the Asper Jewish Community Centre in the Kanee Foyer Lounge.

The inaugural event will feature Dr. Ester Reiter, photographer Sol Blaser,  Anna Yanovsky, widow of Avrom Yanovsky, and UJPO Winnipeg’s North End Jewish Folk Choir.

This national exhibit is a project of the UJPO Canada National Board.

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