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Israel-Palestine Tours

  • Orientation with Reuven Kaminer
    Orientation with Reuven Kaminer
  • Palestinian Women's Group, Nazareth
    Palestinian Women's Group, Nazareth
  • Raffi Greenberg: Alternative Tour of City of David Silwan
    Raffi Greenberg: Alternative Tour of City of David Silwan
  • Tour members in front of Wall
    Tour members in front of Wall
  • Unrecognized Village Sheikh, Negev
    Unrecognized Village Sheikh, Negev

UJPO sponsored three solidarity/educational  tours to Israel / Palestine,  in the years 2005, 2009, and 2010.

Participants had the opportunity to meet with and support Israeli and Palestinian peace groups in their struggle to establish a just peace for the two peoples.

Although there were of course differences in the itineraries of the three tours, they all encompassed meeting with Israeli and Palestinian activists for peace.

Examples of itinerary items:

  • Meeting with Bedouin living in Unrecognized Villages, in the Negev, Israel, to understand their struggles.
  • Meeting with NGOs and Human Rights groups in Israel and the West Bank
  • Visiting the Wall, to better understand its effect on Israel and its devastation to Palestinian life.
  • Visits to checkpoints, with CheckPoint Watch, witnessing the reality.
  • Visits to East and West Jerusalem – metres apart, worlds apart.
  • Tour of Silwan, East Jerusalem, -to see the effects of the appropriation of property.
  • Experience Theatre, art, and music, as a means of resistance and the preservation of identity in the West Bank cities of Ramallah, Bethlehem, Hebron and in East Jerusalem.
  • Demonstration with Women in Black, Sheikh Jarrah, Bil’in.
  • Visit refugee camps, West Bank; understanding the social and political developments.