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UJPO Venezuela Tour 2011

  • Mision Robinson
    Mision Robinson
  • Tour members at Lookout at Sanare
    Tour members at Lookout at Sanare
  • Tour members' debriefing and analysis
    Tour members' debriefing and analysis
  • Union Parade in Support of Chavez
    Union Parade in Support of Chavez
  • Without Justice There is No Revolution
    Without Justice There is No Revolution

Venezuela Fact Finding and Support Tour

In the reality of the harsh capitalist world, Venezuela  presents an alternative possibility.

The Bolivarian group (Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela) offers hope of a socialist vision.

In this group, only Venezuela has the resources (oil) to finance this plan.

Already there are the winds of war being directed against Venezuela. So – this is the time to show our solidarity and learn more about the actuality.

With the above in mind UJPO organized an educational, solidarity and  fact finding tour to Venezuela, in November of 2011.

Tour themes addressed were:

  • Participatory democracy/neighbourhood councils
  • Women’s issues (enormous changes for women during the government at the time).
  • Health and Education
  • Land reform
  • How the alliance works together, and with those outside the alliance
  • Culture e.g  La Systema for teaching music to children in the barrios.
  • Jewish Communities – both those in opposition and those who are active members in the effort for social change.(progressives)
  • Urban and rural issues




From this and our three UJPO Fact Finding Tours to Israel-Palestine

“Our 2005 UJPO tour, led by Ronnee and Sam, forever changed my way of thinking about Israel. It changed my life.” …Roz Usiskin, Winnipeg

“We appreciate your support for our work; your tour from Canada was a boost for our morale in these hard times.” …Lily Traubman, Bat Shalom

“I have been on three UJPO fact-finding tours, to both Israel/Palestine and Venezuela – they were all fantastic; I hope there are more planned for the future. The educational component is transformational, and we always met “players” who make a difference in the cultural and political life  of the country.”